Conferencia: Latest in photovoltaic inverters

El día viernes 6 de abril del corriente a las 19hs en el Aula 201 de la sede de Paseo Colón se llevará a cabo la Conferencia "Latest in photovoltaic inverters" a desarrollar por el Prof. Dr. Franz Baumgartner, de la Universidad de Zurich (Zurich University of Applied Science ZHAW IEFE), Suiza.

La misma se llevará a cabo en la Facultad de Ingeniería (UBA) Sede Paseo Colón 850 y es de entrada libre y gratuita.

¡Los esperamos!


Today about ten percent of the overall costs of a Photovoltaic (PV) Power Plant are the PV inverters to feed the solar electricity into the AC grid. There nominal power is ranging from MW to several hundred Watt for the module oriented power electronic devices, which are gaining market shares due to the individual control of for example partial shaded PV modules and the reduction of planning costs.
The first PV inverters in the 80-ies used the same power electronic concept and principle like the power electronics used in electrical drive application by replacing the DC bus by the PV generator. High efficiency levels of max. 98% of today's transformer less Heric or H5 concept is reached by the use of a less number of power electronic switches state of the art at minimum weight and thus low costs, without the need of a vent.
Modern PV inverter systems include the power electronics to feed the excess solar electricity into a Lithium battery to use solar power even at night. Some these devices show up with pure efficiency at very low power.
At the end of the talk a new research project at ZHAW IEFE will be introduced developing magnetic coupling from the PV module direct into a high voltage cable.